Safety + Balance + Self-Paced

3 reasons to consider Gallup Christian School..

Life is about options

Isn't it great to have options? Much of the blessings we enjoy here in America have to do with our ability to weigh out our options, to consider this vs. that... to have a variety of options to choose from allows to pick what's best for us, maximizing our chance for overall satisfaction.

Among all your other options for schooling, think on what we offer at GCS for Pre-K through 12th grade: a safe environment, balance between academics and a spiritual education, a self-paced program that has allows for students to move forward or pick up what's lacking.

Safety in a pod

When dolphins seek safety they do so within the "pod" (the basic but quite fluid family oriented of social activity for dolphins). Our Gallup Christian School Dolphins also have a unit of social activity and safety among a loving group of teachers and staff that also, daily, benefit from the greater family of the church.

Each student, all our dolphins, can confide in us and often do take advantage of of our "open door" policy and willingness to pray with and for them beyond school hours. We are family.

Become a part of our Pod!

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Pictured Above: Paul Bemore and other staff members of Navajo Tribal Utility Authority presenting Jim Christian/Superintendent (Manuelitp Children's Home) with a check for $10,000 (5/2015) from the proceeds of the Red Thunder Rolling event!


Balancing is not an "act"

Our family, our pod truly seeks balance... striking the right balance between a healthy academic pursuit and spiritual life produces a young person ready to approach life with both knowledge and understanding intact. 

Daily Chapel at Gallup Christian offers an opportunity to go deeper into the matters that grow all sides of our personality, we are, after all, complex beings.

We never go "above the head" of our students but are even more hoping to tend to the questions that they might have about the spiritual side of things.

Pictured at Right:

Eric C. Taylor,Gallup Christian School Principal

"Pace yourself..."

A Note from Mr. Taylor

"Any and every person is, thankfully, different. Difference among people, not being the exception but the rule, speaks to the need for academic pacing combined with individualized instruction to be applied. Sadly, as we are all well aware, this is not the case in most academic settings. Some children are able to meet the standard while others, from time to time, miss the mark.

Educational systems, many times, push "all-ahead-full" sending students from one grade to another, both those fully prepared as well as those unfortunately unprepared.

The refreshing, self-paced system at Gallup Christian allows for ourstudents to move ahead when able, stay steady when at just the right place, or stop and revisit those things missed in one area or another. Ya gotta pace yourself!"

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 New NMAA 2017 ruling:

If a private school is not a member of the NMAA their student-athletes may compete at their *home attendance zone public school. Scholastic eligibility must follow NMAA bylaws.




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